I love podcasts and radio, and Iā€™m excited by all the storytelling possibilities the medium of audio opens up. I co-founded and co-produced Peterborough Currents, a grassroots journalism podcast in Peterborough, Ontario. Peterborough Currents won Best Podcast at the 2018 Community Radio and Broadcasting Awards. My audio work has aired on CBC Radio, Trent Radio and on the internet.

Peterborough Currents

I produce documentaries, interviews, and essays for the podcast I host, Peterborough Currents. Here are two examples.

Dad's Records

In the summer of 2017, I produced a show on Trent Radio about my late father's record collection. I never knew my dad, and these records are one of the only ways I have of knowing him. Here's a clip. 

Shining Waters

In 2016 and 2017, I produced and hosted Shining Waters, a radio show about religious practice in Peterborough Ontario. The program brought listeners the sounds of worship from across the city, as well as interviews with faith leaders and practitioners. Here's a sample episode.